3 Reasons to Choose Heraklion as a Home Base to Explore Crete in Greece

Speaking of Greece, people usually think about the blue and white backdrop of the breathtaking Santorini. But Crete is in fact the largest and most populous Greek island and in my opinion, a perfect getaway. My first stop on this island was its capital city, Heraklion.

Heraklion is a nostalgic city, full of historical heritage and old buildings. From museums, palaces, ruins, Lions Fountain to the distinctive yellow building style, it tells of the ancient history and culture of the Minoan civilisation, the very first advanced Bronze Age Civilisation in Europe. The civilisation dated back to around 2700 BC when Heraklion was the port of the centre of the civilisation, the Palace of Knossos. There are fascinating legends about the palace, one of which says King Minos, in Greek mythology the first king in Crete and son of Zeus, lived in the palace. The Minoan civilisation was named after him. It’s amazing how the Greek history is intertwined with mysterious legends.

Today the ruins of the palace remain on Kephala Hill. Through the frescos and remains we can learn more about one of the oldest and mysterious cultures on earth. A relaxing day like this in the old town marked the beginning of my trip in Crete.

The reasons why I chose Heraklion as a home base to explore Crete in Greece:

  1. There was a direct flight from Paris to Heraklion, and the hotel I stayed was only 15-minute drive away from the Heraklion Airport.
  2. The Heraklion Port is the main hub to take ferries to different islands  near Crete including Santorini.
  3. Heraklion is located in the middle of the north coast of Crete, making it convenient to go either East or West to different destinations.

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  1. 交通方便,有直航從巴黎到伊拉克利翁,從伊拉克利翁機場到我住的酒店只需十五分鐘

  2. 伊拉克利翁港口是乘搭渡輪到達周邊島嶼包括聖托里尼的主要交通樞紐

  3. 伊拉克利翁位於克里特島北岸中部,方便前往東西兩邊不同目的地


Why I Like the Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan

On my way to Izu from Chiba last month, I could not stop myself from routing to Yokohama to have lunch at the Chinatown.  It’s the biggest Chinatown in Japan and Asia. It’s a vibrant place; there’s always something going on especially during festivals. If you’ve been to Yokohama Chinatown, you sure won’t forget the richly Chinese elements in its architecture, like the grandly decorated gates, plaques, and the must-see Kwan Tai Temple and Ma Zhu Temple. It’s interesting to know that the design and location of the gates are combined with Chinese feng shui.

Despite being impressed by the construction style, what I like most is the food. And I believe it’s one of the places with the best Chinese cuisine! There are numerous Chinese restaurants. I always like to try out some whenever I’m there. I’m never let down.

Perhaps it’s homesickness or maybe it’s pure curiosity, when I’m abroad, I like to check out the Chinatown there. I’ve been to some unforgettable Chinatowns in the world and my favourite one is in Yokohama.  What is yours?

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