Life in face of unpredictable climate events

Merely two months ago in July a catastrophic rainstorm broke out in Western Japan, causing many casualties, and I reflected on a city’s resilience against such extreme climate events. Last week Japan was again struck by two devastating hazards, the supertyphoon Jebi and the deadly earthquake in Hokkaido.

Jebi has been the worst typhoon striking Japan in 25 years, leaving so far 11 dead and causing imponderable economic damage, particularly to tourism. Osaka and neighbouring cities bore the brunt of the storm and the Kansai airport was closed indefinitely because of the flood. Just the same week Hokkaido experienced a 6.7-magnitude earthquake, which killed 44 and cut energy access to 5.3 million residents on the island.

The typhoon and earthquake struck Japan unpredictably, leaving residents suffering and tourists stranded in Osaka. Despite the innovative technologies we have at hand, we cannot predict all climate events and natural hazards. And when one breaks out, we are caught off guard, just like this time. And life is just as unpredictable. We never know what life has in store for us. So we should live in the moment, and enjoy.

天災難料 生命無常




Five years of Knowledge, Innovation and Creativity, Happy Birthday to Knowledge Capital!

It is always a pleasure to visit Knowledge Capital (ナレッジキャピタル) in Osaka.  Every time, there is something new going on.  No exception this time – it is the 5th anniversary celebration, cum the launching of global education alliance.

The electronic arts performance, the exhibition and the seminars were all amazing.  I particularly like the idea of rebuilding the historical study classrooms, some even with themed decoration such as green, for holding talks and seminars.

For those who are interested in visiting Knowledge Capital, it is situated in Grand Front Osaka, about 5-minute walk from Osaka Station.  InterContinental Osaka is my all time favourite as it is actually part of the complex making it super convenient.  But I did not stay there this time due to the need to commute to the north of Osaka.  I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Shinosaka Station, which turned out to be very nice for its close proximity to Shin-Osaka station, bigger rooms and a variety of restaurants nearby.

In fact, it was very nice meeting old friends and making new ones from Japan, Poland, Thailand and France. Once again, happy birthday!  Kanpai (Cheers)!

融合智慧、科技和創意 — 恭賀Knowledge Capital成立五周年!

每次去大阪的Knowledge Capital(ナレッジキャピタル)都留下難忘的回憶,因為總有別開新面的主題活動,而今次則是Knowledge Capital的五周年慶祝典禮,同時亦是全球教育聯盟(Global education alliance)的簽署儀式,很是熱鬧。


Knowledge Capital位於Grand Front Osaka商廈內,在大阪站下車後走約五分鐘就到,十分方便。同樣位於Grand Front Osaka內的大阪洲際飯店是我最喜歡的酒店,加上又鄰近Knowledge Capital,這次本應入住,但此行我需要到大阪北部,所以就選了靠近新大阪站的新大阪拉弗雷飯店,除了交通便利外,酒店環境舒適,房間寛敞,附近還有林林總總的食肆,是個不錯的選擇。

這次能夠和老朋友再聚,又認識了來自日本、波蘭、泰國和法國的新朋友,實在是滿載而歸。在此再一次祝賀Knowledge Capital五周年誌慶!乾杯!