Stay in the east or west in Shanghai

To avoid the traffic going across the river, I chose to stay on the east bank of the Huangpu River, or Pudong, where all my meetings, exhibitions and the airport were.

It was a short trip, but packed and fruitful. This might be the beginning of a mega project. I had a nice chat with my friends the other night on how to face and handle stress. It was a good lesson learned.

Interestingly enough, we three gathered in Shanghai, flying from three different places and staying at three different hotels:

The club lounge of Double Tree was great.  I particularly like the dinner buffet.

上海之行 — 待在浦東還是浦西?

這次到上海我選擇待在浦東(Pudong),即黃埔江(Huangpu River)東岸,因為不但鄰近機場,而且我所有的會議和展覽行程都在浦東,節省了過河的交通麻煩。




Harmonising Mobility, Convenience, Safety and Choice in a City

I was strolling around streets in Toronto. Carefully examining every component of the street, I was amazed by the harmonic coexistence of different forms of transport. As the photo above shows, the city not only allows the coexistence of cars, trams and bikes, but also puts them in a harmonious configuration. The citizens can choose to commute by walking, cycling, taking the tram or driving their own cars.

This is a good example of a well-planned city. It was constructed to facilitate different choices of transport and it demonstrates how pedestrian paths, roads, railways and bike paths can be structured harmoniously as a whole to facilitate these choices. Any cities that strive for a low carbon lifestyle and smart mobility may take this as a reference.