How to reduce consumption of plastic bags

Korea plans to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and malls this year to further tighten its crackdown on plastic waste. At present, Korea has in effect a plastic bag levy scheme making it compulsory for retail shops to charge extra fee for plastic bags. The new plan is about to further reduce the use of plastic bags, obliging the 11,000 supermarkets and 2,000 shopping malls to provide instead recycled paper bags, cardboard boxes or reusable bags.

The plan is a stricter enforcement against the use of plastic bags, which eliminates the use of plastic bags at one of the major consumption sources. Hong Kong imposed the first phase of an environmental levy on plastic shopping bags in 2009, which came into full force in 2015 to extend to more than 100,000 retail points. Though the levy yielded a significant decrease in the landfill disposal of plastic bags from the retail industry in the initial phase, consumption of the bags rebounded in 2016 at more than 9%. A more stringent approach may be needed to cut down on the usage.

Imposing a ban in the retail industry can be one effective measure. Hong Kong may learn from Korea in the fight against the consumption of plastic bags. Countries or regions such as Australia, China, Kenya, Chile, Karnataka in India, etc also ban the use of plastic bags. While it is vital for the government to take the lead in reducing plastic bag consumption, citizens’ environmental awareness to cut down on the usage is just as critical. Citizens can reduce plastic bag usage according to the 4R principles, namely reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.

In order to reduce the usage, we should only use plastic bags when necessary. Replacing plastic bags with reusable ones is an effective way. To make the most out of used plastic bags, we should reuse used ones. For example, we can clean the used plastic bags and save them in a tissue box to be easily dispensed for reuse. Making creative use of the plastic bags is also a good idea, such as crafting artistic decorations, recycled bags, umbrella wraps etc. We should avoid throwing plastic bags away by recycling the bags at the “brown” recyclables collection bins. By minimising the consumption of plastic bags and maximising the use, we can help build a greener city.






Baidu SEO

In a progress meeting with the China team, our general manager was complaining about the low visibility of the product website in Baidu.  She said our competitors managed to get theirs ranked first on the first page when certain keywords were entered, and this led to negative impacts to our frontline sales work.

According to Alexa, as of 4 Oct 2016, ranks No.1 in China, and No.4 globally. (See, with over 75% market share in terms of search requests (according to Analysys).  It is thus not hard to imagine, many of our customers in China tend to look up baidu for price comparison and background check.

Improving visibility and ranking for our website became one of the key tasks in the short term.  After the meeting, our digital marketing team kick-started a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign, doing three things:

  1. identified keywords and researched their current status on
  2. developed specific SEO strategies using our in-house framework, fine-tuned to Chinese based search engine and started building it up accordingly
  3. revamped our website and updated the contents regularly

With some luck, I believe, within two weeks, more than 70% of our identified keywords appeared on the first three pages in Baidu.  20% of them even appeared No.1!

Lessons learned:

  • Chinese keywords are different from English counterparts
  • People tend to search model number rather than brand, for example, “iPhone 7” rather than “Apple”
  • Good SEO can outperform Ad buy

Happy to hear from you on your SEO stories.




可見提高我們網站的可見度和排行相當重要,亦是當務之急。進度會議後我們的數位行銷同事立即着手搜尋引擎優化(Search Engine Optimisation,簡稱SEO)的項目,側重以下三點︰

  1. 辨認出與我們公司、產品、服務相關的關鍵字眼,並在百度上搜索相關狀況

  2. 使用我們的內部框架訂立特定的搜尋引擎優化策略,並向中文搜索引擎微調,循此方向進行構建

  3. 重整我們的網站,定期更新內容



  • 中文的關鍵字眼和英文的不一樣

  • 大部分人傾向搜索產品型號多於牌子,如搜「iPhone7」而非「蘋果」

  • 優化搜尋引擎比在網頁登廣告更有用