PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2018, a glance of the vibrant Hong Kong startup scene

Recently I joined the PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2018, where 40 startups supported by the funding programmes of PolyU showcased their projects and successful startup entrepreneurs shared their experience and insights of their startup journeys. The event provided a valuable platform for over 200 startup entrepreneurs and industry professionals to get connected with each other. In the event you could feel the vibrant startup scene in Hong Kong!

In the touring of exhibitions, there was a variety of innovative startup projects and initiatives, in fields as diverse as mobile app management, educational simulation games, martial arts, hearing aid, cultural preservation, green energy generation, etc. A majority of the initiatives utilised state-of-the-art innovation technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, AR (Augmented Reality) and so on. I was excited to see creativity and innovation being adopted in many new disciplines.

There are many local startup incubators such as Science Park and Cyberport. PolyU is one of the largest university-based startup incubators in Hong Kong. It is encouraging to know that since its launch in 2011, it has supported more than 230 startups and 680 entrepreneurs. Hopefully in the future more domain-specific like FinTech incubators can be set up to support more local startups to push forward a smart city.



巡禮展示了多個不同類型的創新項目,應用領域十分多元化,如手機程式管理、教學遊戲、武術、聽力支援、文化保育、綠色能源等等,大部分項目採用了創新科研技術,如人工智能(Artificial Intelligence)、機械人(Robotics)、擴增實境(Augmented Reality)等等。看到創新技術在越來越多新領域得到使用,真是振奮人心。


Highlights from a Day Trip in Lyon, France (2/3)

I seized the opportunity to pay a visit to TUBA, a co-working space devoted to developing and experimenting innovation projects for smart city. TUBA engages large enterprises, startups and the public to work together to innovate urban solutions especially by harnessing public, private and personal data.

TUBA is truly a role model as an innovation hub, project incubator and open data studio. The work culture and atmosphere are really comfortable and conducive to synergies. In TUBA, data is valued and plays a critical role in connecting project initiators, developers and users. Project initiators can work with experts, data scientists, fellow developers, etc in the hub in innovating using data, and test out new projects with the public. That also means the public can be actively engaged in co-building solutions to drive the smart city development as well.

Building a smart city needs the concerted effort by every city user. TUBA is a good inspiration on how.





Five years of Knowledge, Innovation and Creativity, Happy Birthday to Knowledge Capital!

It is always a pleasure to visit Knowledge Capital (ナレッジキャピタル) in Osaka.  Every time, there is something new going on.  No exception this time – it is the 5th anniversary celebration, cum the launching of global education alliance.


The electronic arts performance, the exhibition and the seminars were all amazing.  I particularly like the idea of rebuilding the historical study classrooms, some even with themed decoration such as green, for holding talks and seminars.

For those who are interested in visiting Knowledge Capital, it is situated in Grand Front Osaka, about 5-minute walk from Osaka Station.  InterContinental Osaka is my all time favourite as it is actually part of the complex making it super convenient.  But I did not stay there this time due to the need to commute to the north of Osaka.  I stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Shinosaka Station, which turned out to be very nice for its close proximity to Shin-Osaka station, bigger rooms and a variety of restaurants nearby.

In fact, it was very nice meeting old friends and making new ones from Japan, Poland, Thailand and France. Once again, happy birthday!  Kanpai (Cheers)!

融合智慧、科技和創意 — 恭賀Knowledge Capital成立五周年!

每次去大阪的Knowledge Capital(ナレッジキャピタル)都留下難忘的回憶,因為總有別開新面的主題活動,而今次則是Knowledge Capital的五周年慶祝典禮,同時亦是全球教育聯盟(Global education alliance)的簽署儀式,很是熱鬧。


Knowledge Capital位於Grand Front Osaka商廈內,在大阪站下車後走約五分鐘就到,十分方便。同樣位於Grand Front Osaka內的大阪洲際飯店是我最喜歡的酒店,加上又鄰近Knowledge Capital,這次本應入住,但此行我需要到大阪北部,所以就選了靠近新大阪站的新大阪拉弗雷飯店,除了交通便利外,酒店環境舒適,房間寛敞,附近還有林林總總的食肆,是個不錯的選擇。

這次能夠和老朋友再聚,又認識了來自日本、波蘭、泰國和法國的新朋友,實在是滿載而歸。在此再一次祝賀Knowledge Capital五周年誌慶!乾杯!

Eye-opening experience visiting the creative and design hub of Bangkok

Thanks to the promise to pay a courtesy visit, I’ve given myself a chance to visit this hidden pearl of creativity in Bangkok – Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC).  It is situated in the revitalized eighty-year-old building that once was the Bangkok General Post Office.  Ever since I stepped in the reception area, I found myself being immersed in the sea of innovation, creativity and knowledge.   It was really an amazing experience and very inspirational!  Would love to visit again and spend more time there.

For accommodation, we stayed at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, for its central location in the city and value-for-money it could bring. This was the second time I stayed here. The club lounge was great – the food, the services. Special thanks to Ms. Dew for her kind help in making reservations for dinner and everything. Will stay again.


答應要拜訪泰國的創意設計中心(Thailand Creative & Design Center,縮寫TCDC),讓我有機會發掘這個隱藏在曼谷的創意寶藏。TCDC位於一幢有八十年歷史的活化樓宇,前身是曼谷中央郵局。由踏入接待處開始,我彷如置身創意的海洋,中心展現了智慧、科技和創造力,充滿啟發性,值得再訪,下次還要多待點時間。

此行我們住在曼谷拉差阿帕森購物區萬麗酒店,酒店位於曼谷市中心,四通八達,而且這個價位能享有如此不錯的服務實在難得,這次也是我第二次入住了,餐廳為酒店加分,食物和服務一流。整個旅程要特別謝謝Ms. Dew的幫助,為我們預約晚膳和處理許多事,我會再訪的!