Stay in the east or west in Shanghai

To avoid the traffic going across the river, I chose to stay on the east bank of the Huangpu River, or Pudong, where all my meetings, exhibitions and the airport were.

It was a short trip, but packed and fruitful. This might be the beginning of a mega project. I had a nice chat with my friends the other night on how to face and handle stress. It was a good lesson learned.

Interestingly enough, we three gathered in Shanghai, flying from three different places and staying at three different hotels:

The club lounge of Double Tree was great.  I particularly like the dinner buffet.

上海之行 — 待在浦東還是浦西?

這次到上海我選擇待在浦東(Pudong),即黃埔江(Huangpu River)東岸,因為不但鄰近機場,而且我所有的會議和展覽行程都在浦東,節省了過河的交通麻煩。




3 Things I Always Do at the Airport

I always arrive at the airport early, and have never missed a flight because of my late arrival – until last week.

I was having an early afternoon flight. My original plan was to skip the office visit in the morning and go directly to the airport. However, as our team got selected for the next round in a competition, I found it important to meet my colleagues before heading on a business trip. Time was tight, and I said to myself the meeting would need to finish in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the meeting ran on for 50 minutes, and I ended up taking the next flight.  This is a very good lesson learned for me. I should not take it for granted. A gate can close, and it really closes.

How to have Peace of Mind before your Flight

From now on, I will plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, ask my secretary to pull me out from any meetings when time comes and stay in the airport hotel for an early morning flight when necessary.

This makes me recall some of my favourite airport hotels such as:

Like today, I arrived at the airport 4 hours ahead, had a really good time at the airline lounge – working and eating. The Hong Kong style egg-tart was great! I even took a shower before making a move to the gate for boarding.

Yes, the three things I always do at the airport:

  • Arrive early – work and eat
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Take a shower

What are yours?









  • 早早到達機場,工作和吃東西
  • 購買手信紀念品
  • 淋浴



Is Shenzhen a Good Choice to Settle for Retirement

I met my friends from London in Shenzhen this morning. With no surprise, we talked a lot from Brexit, Great Britain Pound, to their retirement plan. They like Shenzhen very much, and feel like they may settle there. They are already enjoying sort of a semi-retirement lifestyle – working on stuff that interests them without worrying too much about business and finance.

During the very yummy dim-sum lunch, we also talked about flight and hotel loyalty programmes. They are IHG and One World fans. This time they stayed at InterContinental Shenzhen.

Looking at the blue sky and the modern cityscape of Shenzhen, no wonder this place is shortlisted.



我們一邊吃着美味的點心午膳,一邊談到航空公司和酒店的忠誠計劃(loyalty programmes),朋友是洲際酒店集團(IHG)和寰宇一家(Oneworld)的忠實客戶,這次在深圳就住在深圳華僑城洲際酒店


One Night in Tianjin

After a nice dinner with friends, I was walking back to the hotel along the river.  In my eyes was the  Tianjin Eye, standing like a giant by Haihe (Hai River or the “Sea River”).

When I opened the door of my hotel room, I was caught by surprise. I could see the wheel right in front of me through the window!

A good choice if you fancy this view – book Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside.